' 'losing yourself'

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  A paucity of air clings to my lungs as I sink further into what life could be. Wishing away, living a dream, all the while toying with time’s dominating hand.
Left, the feeling of not being right. To be so misplaced, that you live as a reflection to others. You hold your values like your pencil, with the wrong hand.    Imagine you are a rare species of chameleon
A small blue butterfly Sits on the stone Staring at the skylight                    Completely alone   She stares at the stars So far away
Dear Raven, The naked mole-rat intentions that rashesthe film of your eyes nudges the clay whichcrumbles in a whisper, spotting a flutter,hissing into the dust I bite. Bathe under your chalky roof, sculpted fromliquor-sweet caresses that anchor yo
Dear Dumb Diary When I need someone to talk to no one listens, So I write in you. The best parts of my day And the things I can’t say You're always there. Just like little Junie B.
A smile on my face even when it hurts to make it happen A ache in my heart , not knowing why it's happening A broken mind,trying to holding on to every piece pain and anger  is the only things escaping me
I have to let go. Your words are short and few.My time is spent waiting. Always waiting. Waiting.Years of waiting. I have endured disappointment, sadness, loneliness.I have to let go…
Because I love you I don't love myself. I look to be you in every way.  I walk like you do. Talk like you do. Do you see me? Do you? I do you better than you do you. 
Because I love you I lost myself and another too I let you change me Without staying true Because I love you I let you do Whatever you want I then become blue Because I love you
No matter what I may say, I do not hate you, I do not hate you, I love you, And the only person I truly hate is myself Simply because I thought you were different,
I think he don't love me Cause he makes me suffer with her words. Sometimes he says that I'm a bad girl. Sometimes he says that anyone don't need to love me.
Mama says I'm beautiful But, the pod shows me some else Yellow and small you see A regular chick that's me Why can't I be the ugly duckling   Why can't I have  a beak that peaks trough the wind
Low, hollow night ready to dismember The facial expression on his face couldn't decipher. My infatuation for him was in December.
Where am I going? Where have I been? Where am I headed? Where have I stayed? Where have I grown? Where have I diminished?
Who am IIs the questionMaybe I don't knowWho am IMaybe I am youthe voice inside your brainThe sound of your penWhen you right his nameThe sound of the door when it slams
They want a story. They want gold. They don't even try To understand your soul.   What is happening? No one's listening. What am I saying?   Wait.  
They want a story. They want gold. They don't even try To understand your soul.   What is happening? No one's listening. What am I saying?   Wait.  
Sometimes I look at myself 
The truth behind Beauty and the Beast By Alex Dix  
I felt my dreams die. Felt the tape on my mouth and hands tied, I couldn't fight to stop it. Just watch it. Everything dropped from a rope. At the drop of a dime, I lost all hope. Now telling white lies that I'll be fine, No way out of this dark a
Darkness, a Titan of uncertainties, holding reins of pain. He whom stifles… He whom suffocates… He whom has not a care… The beholder of lost hopes and of misconceptions. He that wishes for the broken
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