'friends' betrayal

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Girlfriend! Your man’s over here lookin like a real serial killah. How can I tell you this without havin to tell you every time his hand accidentally brushes my boob? ‘Cause as you well know, bitches hate the messenger.
I thought that I'd done better, picking all the best friends. I sure got my hopes up, thinking the pain would end.   With my friend this year, I though I'd be okay. But I'm still cutting people loose
The day he turned The day he left me Was the day I realized  What the world really was   The day he left  Was the day I lost some of my hope 
Debris of friendships:   Tomboy dressed obscure, playing sports while being coy. Girls were damsels, drama queens which I was no part of: you won’t catch me.
I can't sleep. I feel the pressure of you around me. Inside me. Nothing hurts more than forced consent. Do you feel that? Me trying to escape from under you. Do you hear that? My plea for help.
      Betraying me like the knife in ones back warmest of blood seeps through my shirt like honey or tea you sipp away taking my life as yours and when i ask why you simply say
So there you stand,  the knife in your back. Trying to twist it out,  but don't you know that won't work?  The only thing that may ease the pain  is seeing your betayer's face again. 
End of a friendship   What is a friend If you're like me unfortunately You probably think it’s someone who will be with you until the end
Dear Ex-Best Friend,
On the way to my home On the dusty sidewalk I see a goldfinch Oscillating in an attempt to fly on broken wings   What would you do
Dear child haven't you heard That there is evil in this world that tends to get blurred They disguise themselves to draw you in Then drop you off broken and alone in the end  
Don’t believe everything you hear. Things you do are not okay. She couldn’t think and had this fear, Her world becoming dark and gray. Betrayal had been the murder,
We’ve been through so much Know each other so well You know who I am You can totally tell How broken my life is From previous partings
My environment makes me It shapes who I am My environment makes me It shaped who I am My environment makes me It makes it hard to trust friends Saw the other side was green
The girl’s words were harsh Spitting words at her “friend” Her attitude the opposite of sweet   Words past by Making her “friend” cry
I was walking alone through the desert of life Every step I took came with heartache and strife I fell to my knees and could not bear go on All the hopes and dreams I once had were gone
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