Peanut butter

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When I tell my friends my girlfriend and I are moving in together only three months into our relationship, they start telling me
A simple store bought cracker pack is all I really need and if I had the choice to, it’s all I’d ever eat.    It’s clear and noisy wrapper never fails to bring me joy like a puppy with a bone and a toddler with a toy.  
Some of you may say I'm a nutter My tongue is smothered with peanut butter Like a newly-shined shoe, no area is left untouched However, this coating should have stayed in my lunch
I still eat peanut butter as if it fulfills all the categories in  the nutritional pyramid. It can be found in the cupboards of each place  I hang up my jacket and step in. What’s convenient about 
When would a PBJ taste better than caviar? Rusty bronze compared to gold: Two walls of bread just glued together Versus delicate marbles of roe  
I knew it when I first saw you, Though we were much younger then, That you were special, you were meant to find me, That I loved you.   The beginning was not easy, We were young and irresponsible,
i am a tortured dustball sitting on the kitchen floor      polishing a bagel       with a veneer of peanut butter.   slim, competent,  crusty and grumbling at Iggy the Fish -
First came the rumble Then there came the pain. Something said I had to eat before I go insane. Now seeing how my hunger has led me to the kitchen, I've mentally prepared for the sweetest exhibition.
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