'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair' life

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She cries, Pain and sadness, She lies, Hiding from her madness.   No love, She sees herself as useless, and untouched. Like a dove, Innocent but craves for so much.  
Tears sprout out of my eyes but held back by the pressure of my shirt against my eyes  I stop the tears  -What happens when I think I'm not good enough. 
I write and I write, yet no one sees, yet no one reads, is it that bad, is it that horrible, that it makes your eyes, want to bleed, am I a horrible person, to write how I feel,
Knight Hawk grunts as he struggle walks The memories flooding him always The recent past like a nightmare  A never-ending cycle of despair drifting The blood he still feels on his skin seeping
I've never seen a dead body before, Something I hoped to never see But there he laid, alive no more. Realizing how hard this would be,   I scooted closer to my mom Tears flowing down my face
The time that i didn't come home for a day was because I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought that meaby if i disapeared my family was going to be happy. That my mom was going to be happy
Divorce is no friend of man. Divorce is a monster that engorges homes and never finishes it never leaves no matter how much you beg, no matter how much you plead.  it will never leave.
Life is said to be precious But when hurt so many times, I have to disagree Life is quick and painful Leaving time only for you to question your choices
From an early age I've always had this thing called the "black dog" See I don't really know why they call it the black dog Maybe it's because black goes with darkness and darkness goes with sadness
I tried to help you all through the night and through the day Oh honey how I want to stay I’d like to say “I’m fine” But I’m not
Death comes calling me “Surrender little girl” in my sleep he echoed I do not respond back, Though life is too short He creeped into my life with these terrible things: Bullies, threats, and sexual assaults
I've been through a handfull of ups and downs, Nobody to call on so I constantly wore frowns, Afraid to speak up but I knew god was listening, Morning jogs to the river to see the water glistening,
Struggle, we struggle each and every day we get upset angry even cry in our very own bed Struggle is like being a mighty lion with nothing to eat You are so worthy so capable
Parus~The name with too much originality-no meaning. I've perfected the art of making definitions for it , but I like the definition of the darkness, that's what fits me best.
No one ever thinks it can happy to them  It's starts off so very innocent  Wine for dinner , Mimosas for brunch,
The road lies barren, I alone travel. The sky cracks and moans, The trees stubbornly resist the wind, I forge ahead   Another flash, This one had hit it's mark.  Trees burst,
  "Life is but  a dream" I wish. If  I could dream of anything, Screams of terror would be bliss. Life's what keeps me up at night, Life is but a bore.  Life's the stream the boat rows down
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