The Tale of My Life

Parus~The name with too much originality-no meaning. I've perfected the art of making definitions for it , but I like the definition of the darkness, that's what fits me best.

People look at my teeth and say "You better take care of your teeth". I think teeth are important for everyone but when you get addicted to cigarettes people stop caring. My teeth are my best feature at least that's what I've been told.

They always ask "Why are you so quiet?", "How did you get so smart?", "That's a scary book isn't it... Why are you reading it?". Questions I hear pretty much everyday. I don't have an answer. I have always believed that practicing your concentration is the key to a brighter future. I think reading help you learn to pronounce words better as well. The excitement I get from the book is all the talking I really need.

It's weird how I like to watch all the movies with killing, suspense, mystery, and the blood. Other girls my age rather watch some romantic comedy or anything with the hottest new actor. "Those horror movies will give you nightmares", they say. I have not had a single nightmare since I have started watching them at the age of eight. They calm me in a way.

I like to call myself the outsider. Wanting a new bookshelf instead off the latest phone.Never opening the blinds, but instead using a desk lamp because i love the mood it sets in my room. The mood feels even better when I'm watching a gruesome movie. If I ever got the chance to watch horror movies all day I would take the chance in a heartbeat.

This is my introduction and my conclusion. How I explain the way I am, why I speak the way I do, and the way I perceive the world.

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My family
My community
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