Anti Trump

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53 days of Donald's  rule No more seeing the ignorant fool Into the White House a savior arrives Bringing wisdom and saving lives
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
Oppressed or the Oppressor One given the privilege one treated as lesser Animals, Aliens, anything, but human Locked in cages told it’s a parental decision
‘The never-failing vice of fools’Pride drives the man to break the rules.Just when he thinks he has it allGuess what goes before the fall.
In a mad world he mad king rules. Carried to the thrown on the shouders of an angry and desparate mob. Wielding pick axes and pitchforks with black lung and black hearts where Black Lives Matter is a thing because..
America, the land of the free and the home of the brave,Where no one ever had to be afraid.America, the treasure trove of opportunity and equality,Where everyone could turn their dreams into reality!
America is a joke Why? Well here’s why: President Cheeto Cashmeousside Girl Our creations like yeezy’s and iphones that state what class we’re in
People come to America in search of opportunity Freedom Independence Wouldn't it be tragic if that wasn't true for everybody?
A great nation would help our brothers and sisters they need us more than we can imagine but instead of allowing our global citizens into our hearts and our homes we push them further away
Dear America the great, what is our fate? A land where we care more about the vape than the women getting raped.
Trump says, "Make America great again," but when was America ever great? Was America great when Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean and took the Natives' land and proclaimed it as theirs?
November 7. I know she'll win, She has to win. We will at least have a voice. All he brings us is humilliation. And he will bring us to our destruction. I prayed extra hard tonight.
Said he would make it great again Too bad it was just pretend Where once they were welcomed, they now flee Tyranny, fascism, and maximum authority Could thou have a change of heart? Make us one to be admired
Red, blue, divided Ruled by Orange, run by hate Great again, ha not
I can still hear the cheers and tears of happiness I can still see the crowds in the streets chanting his name Waving the flag with pride and seeing a ray of hope During a time where we had seen so much tragedy
Surround by color once a son Interactions with white are with ones that held chalk Teachers as inspiring as the one from Woodrow Wilson Leaving for adventure after summer seemed fun  
This past year  I reflect that event  Where our new president-elect  Became Donald Trump.  Not only stunned hearts,  But shattered faith  To the country  I thought we could trust. 
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