year in review

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365 days have came and went Another year of time well spent    2017 was one to remember
this year, i traveled this year, i left my home not my house, not my town, i left my country and when i returned, i felt sorry.   this year, i stayed indoors this year, it was freezing
2016 was gone so fast, I couldn't believe it was in the past. In the beginning school had me feeling blue, Especially because I had to stay past two. Graduation day came and it was a big deal,
The direction say, "A Year in Review" But how did a year pass so fast? I look back, to try and remember What happened in this year past.   First comes to mind, the bad: Elections, Trump, killings
scared confused happy anticipatory worried nervous fragile elated euphoric dazed  tired exhausted ready  
2016 came full of promise and hidden motive, where I searched for a comfort the year seemed devoid of. Between failed marriage, lonlieness and pretending, it seemed this years negativity would continue without ending.
a breath: in, out again, faster faster still, until they stop coming release   a noise in my head it rushes like a tide, pulled by the moon like blood, pumping through my veins
January I am so excited for The snow to fall again The anticipation of New Years Resolutions Somehow I always fail Spring time April means Leaves are growing Flowers are blooming
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