Changes - My Year in Review

2016 came full of promise and hidden motive,

where I searched for a comfort the year seemed devoid of.

Between failed marriage, lonlieness and pretending,

it seemed this years negativity would continue without ending.

But as the days went on I noticed myself getting stronger,

the endless nights of suffering ceased to feel longer.

My skin once soft from naivety became much thicker,

my wisdom and strength rose to more than a flicker.

Most people find only the bad this year has brought,

but things will only ever be negative if negativity is all that is sought.  

While I can't say this year hasn't been one for critism,

I've found a new way to look at a moments pain with more optimism.

It may have been difficult in many a spot,

but I'd still like to thank 2016 for the strength that I got.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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