Being Successful

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dear college administrators, i am not your average students. I don’t get amazing, star high grades, i am sometimes not a good friend, i may only get a 3.0 gpa but i am not one thing. I am not a failure.
Patience my child Success is near Just a couple more miles You’ll make it there. 
Trapped in my own tempest You guided Becoming my hope to safeness I sailed Turning my darkness to light I travel
To those who need a little extra motivation,   You can be what you want to be You can do what you want to do Always try to have an optimistic view   Nothing can stop you from achieving
If reasoning is as the air we breathe – Universal; When there are no hiccups in the lanes of thought From the past, to now to the future, And such reasoning so perfect- Then I, as a being know what I want
I am greatness and power I wonder about how to achieve greatness I hear a roaring crowd I see people chanting my name in Radio City Music Hall I want greatness
In a distant forest gazing towards the sky I wonder wether I can fly Well I think its at least worth a try Getting to highest peak ready to fly I began to hesitate wether I should try
We are the epitome of pride and success Leaders in our fields-and in the fields   Melanin seeps in our skin Pride runs through our veins  
2016 came around Basketball dominated my mind. It gave me joy I had found It was my last season I was sad for it to end, and for a good reason It was my passion, it gave me life
Don't want to sound sappy  But here's what makes me happy Love going to work steada wasting time Only reason I'm spitting this rhyme What really brightens my mood  Is showing my gratitude
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