Dear College Administrators

Wed, 02/05/2020 - 18:54 -- MRODR23

dear college administrators, i am not your average students. I don’t get amazing, star high grades, i am sometimes not a good friend, i may only get a 3.0 gpa but i am not one thing. I am not a failure. See, growing up in a home where every one else quit early because of things and they just want to sit and be lazy, i don’t. I work hard every single day of my life, and every through, i get stressed out and cry in a ball at times; i keep working. I work because it makes me happy and it makes me feel like one day, i can do anything i put my heart and mind through. All the teachers at my school help me to not just him, her or it. Them. Every day during high school i would be upset, i always would see someone who was better than me, they get 4.0s and get accepted to the college of their dream and i wondered if i would be too. But junior year, it changed me. I look at myself and said “you’re gonna do what you gotta do, and join APUSH.” I was ready. Junior year was no joke i promise a lifetime where tests were your meals 24/7 with a side of a essay a day, but it was okay. It shaped me and bend me forward and backwards, up and down. But i learned. I even learned to tell the truth about my bad grades to my own mother, but hard when your own mother thinks the failure isn’t good. Failure taught me to continue to try. Of course, I failed biology even though everyone and their own mother passed but i got up and immediately said “no i’m not gonna keep it like that.” I took an after school class for it and learned it on my own. I even failed P.E. but you know what I passed it with my own hands with 2 hours a day, doing all i could to pass it and i did. See, sophomore year for me was no joke. i failed every day because I was with someone with no love willing to share it with me.. but i grew up. I knew i have a heart. My mom didn’t know the truth of my aches from my heart that boy gave me. That was my only fail in my history. I know that was not smart of me. I failed my education for a boy filled with heartbreak in his veins because that was in his genetics not a book with knowledge. Junior year changed me, i wanted to be smart and be able to get all As first semester but you know what i got; a 2.16 grade point average. purely was shit. how i tried my hardest and i still managed to fail. I tried and yet my grief got the better of me.. i cant believe my eyes and how much i wanted to cry. I manage to think up a way to be happy without thinking “colleges will never pick me. i am not a great student” but i am.  and i always will be successful.

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