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The last time I smiled was when my mom told me I has the same birthday and name as my grandma The last time I smiled was when I was down and my gransma cheered me up The last time I smiled
Feb. 5, 2018   Dear Grandma,   You are amazing:
Dear Grandma, Thank you for being the only person really there for me, Thank you for giving me advice at a young age. Despite not understanding it then, the words you spoke are still fresh in my mind.
Grandma, you are strong One of the strongest women I know Grandma, you are tough A flower that survives a hurricane Grandma, you have been absent A note missing to complete a beautiful melody
Unlike most, leaving my warm bed does not cause great sorrow, It is no struggle, no challenge, and there is no courage that I need to borrow. I got up today for the same reason as yesterday and tomorrow.  
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