'love' 'heartbreak' 'Pain' 'regret' 'moving on'

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I breathe in deeply as the flashback plays in front of my eyes.
Though I’ve found her She’s sand in my hands that I grasp, that I lose Years saturate this love for her This sea of wait carries her from me, once more I bruise 
If you paid me just a dollar For every waking thought I've ever had
I’m sorry.   I’m sorry I pushed you away. I’m sorry it felt like a one-time thing. I’m sorry I didn’t see you sooner, the you I wished I’d seen all along. I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner
I'm sorry I could never come and comfort you. Feeling heavy, from holding back things I could never show you. It hurts so much, that we were a curse and we couldn't reverse that,
A foolish little girl, With a need for change.   A young boy, Holding ink and paper.   “Write what you want,” he says to me.
When my days end I will still love you I still hold you in my heart Even though you gnaw away at it Without any thought  Sometimes i feel an unmeasurable feat when i look at you
 Pale skin like cream  Brown hair like coffee Smile so sweet  Sugar would be salty    You’re my caffeine in the morning  When I look into your eyes  Robust like hazelnut
Dear Abigail, You have been my best friend for several years, but nothing can soothe unrequited love. When I came out to all the people important to me, things still did not happen the way I wanted.
Dear Fire, You can’t burn me anymore Your smoke is no longer thick enough to suffocate me My lungs are strong I’ve bellowed for help and realized that I could save myself
Sitting in the shower makes you think. The methodic falling of water forces you into your own head. You feel the droplets slowly making your legs become tingly, almost numb,
Dear Grandma,   It’s been roughly a year and a half since you left, Mom was never the same. Uncle still sits in your room from time to time and tries to drink away the pain.
She's now hiding in the shade and now she sees everything grey.After she finally moved on she's shining far away from that rain and deeply pain. She's not even afraid of it anymore she now moves it away from her face. Now she's happy and nothing e
i wanted to move on and it was such an awful simple task after i realized you'd left nothing for me to hold on to
And then the rustling Of my shaking trust Fills my heart Those shards of betrayal Go deeper than I thought Hurting more than I had anticipated
Little by little I'm learning to swim In this silent ocean made of endless dropsA drop, a memory, a fragment of myselfThey surround each stroke, as I hope not to stop  
It wasn’t hard for you to sweep me off of my feet, I took only one sip of you but already felt weak in the knees, My thoughts and emotions for “us” could not be tamed,
My Growth Series   Kayla Kinsler- Commitment   I’m afraid of commitment Can’t cope with restrictions I want you with me But on no serious business I’m not trying to play games
I found love..little did i know that i will end up destroying it.i can't run away from what i am or who i am.i still hear your thought when i sleep in the darkhollows; hunted by my dreams each night....
the word 'love' thrown so aimlesssly from  your soft lips echoes to the war that is my mind and you are full of regret.
I embrace every word I write Injecting them with my pain Let it bleed through and disappear But every letter brings me grief Restoring things that shouldn’t be given a second thought
My lungs shriveled black medicating the regret Just as toxic as you when we first met Shrouding the pain in this hazing delusion Was it all worth it, whats your conclusion
I hate that you left me.I hate that you lied.I hate when you kissed me,and then said goodbye. I hate how you said,“I love you” that day.Why was I misled?Why didn’t you stay?
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