The Lost Kanima

I found love..little did i know that i will end up destroying it.
i can't run away from what i am or who i am.
i still hear your thought when i sleep in the dark
hollows; hunted by my dreams each night....

Born out of vengeance....
a Kanima i became, an instrument of revenge.
Just as your blood spilled everywhere...
knowing i wasn't capable of protecting you,
you died on my hands by your own likeness just to protect me.

I will live to be the monster you prevented me from.
living an empty world without you,
a kingdom of isolation where am the king.
living right or wrong, i really don't know...
But, if one thing i know i'll fall but i'll grow,
am walking down this road of vengeance i call home

A lycanthrope,
" don't let them feel, don't let them know
be the monster you were always afraid of, conceal don't feel, avenge her!".
this thought keeps popping in my head, but i never wanted to be a monster.
you thought me how love, feel, smile...when my days were filled with blood, deaths and tears,
you alone thought me how to be are gone now, what should i do?
am i lost?.This question ponders my heart. now i know...Never love a wild thing.


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