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I realized I was no longer a kid,   When I left the sea   The sand leaving scratched memories,  
The Lies You Tell by: Varmstrong19   Mirrors are objects people should be comfortable around, almost like a person. Accept, mirrors can’t talk and instead, you talk for them. Mirrors shouldn’t be looked at as “the bad guy”.
I used to wear clothes based on branding and price My innermost being was my sacrifice In exchange for acceptance, approval, and nods I gave up enjoyment and became a fraud
Eternal burdens, you call them That which I carry on my back. For many years, they stay with me Without purpose to stay on track. Instead I revere those mentors Who have forced me to start again,
We have a problem in AmericaOur arts are becoming less of usYes I'll cover up body parts within my artBut who killed poetryGrinch in the nightStole true hope and wordsI'm sorry for my simple words
Poetry is an old friend I wish I saw her more, But I only see her every now and then When Times are getting tough When
I have often felt invisible; insignificant when compared to other people. But I am luminous.    I’ve walked down streets with friends and been blatantly ignored when someone we both know passes by. But I am luminous.  
Are you down  For some  Of those haters hating Down for  Making thousands of haters That are just disguised as fans Who won't admit they like your shi* They're to busy Wanting to be you
Sitting in a classroom Not knowing what I am going to do -or where I am going to go. I am a senior. I should know what I want to do with my life. I must, before it’s too late.
When the sun shines  I want to drink wine like a fish climbs a current insurgent, purgent Flowing unknowingly Growing unshowedly. The pines rise and fall to the grime time haphazardly
Feeling Alone Singing the same old sad song I do not want pity I just want this feeling of alone to be gone I try to get your attention You give me what you think I want It is not enough
A big white bird flies by my window, and once again I am reminded of just how small I am on this planet. How insignificant I must seem to this perfect being. The bird grazes the sky with her magnificent white wings.
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