The Lies You Tell

The Lies You Tell by: Varmstrong19   Mirrors are objects people should be comfortable around, almost like a person. Accept, mirrors can’t talk and instead, you talk for them. Mirrors shouldn’t be looked at as “the bad guy”. Mirrors reflect what’s on the outside and if you don’t like what’s on the outside it’s automatically the mirrors fault right? It’s a battle between you and the mirror of insecurity, only you play both parts.  Good morning Insecurity. Let’s be real. You know I can’t handle the truth, That’s why you lie to me, right? I’m not sure what your deal is, please clean up this blurry reflection.  Reflect a girl who is happy in her youth.You. Break the pattern of this every days pain and set it freeBut for God’s sake, you reflect fear and lies, don’t you see? You convince me that all I’m worth can just be seen from the outside.  You only expose me externally, for your job isn't to make me Insecure and crazy for blaming my pain on “a mirror”But rather to love myself wholeheartedly. I can find better In hopes that I will find a confident reflection and comfort in my skin. I’ve always been told to look out for ones like you andTo never trust a mirror because it only shows my skin And not what’s truly within. To me, you reflect more than skin.You reflect crooked smile, defining veins, a lazy eye, etc.  Oh, just because you reflect those things you think you’re winning? I may be missing confidence but who are you without a frame? Without confidence and a frame, we are fragile. We can break easily. From now on, let’s suppose we set the chains of you free.     *Shattered glass falls onto the floor* All of the shameful reflections are an everlasting break and are no longer In one piece. All of the negative things you displayed won’t be grieved.You can’t drag me down anymore for i've bought a new mirror That is much stronger. For my life without your opinion will  reveal so much more because the purpose of you will no longer be a chore. Insecurity, the portal connecting the negative communicationbetween us is finally closed.  We were tied together through so many thoughts and visionsHowever, your job is now done and you've been replaced.Confidence was on my doorstep this morning and I couldn’tHelp but love the strength and positivity that she reflects.  Goodnight Insecurity, this has been a long road but Now, you have no purpose. Actually, you never really did.Now that your chains have been set free I now have confidence And I can live a happy life with the ability to see the real me. 

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I wrote this poem for my English class in hopes that it would help reveal more detail of how I feel about myself and that being a teenager in this generation isn’t the easiest. It’s hard enough being criticized by other people but when those comments stick, they start to place an affect on how you start to really view yourself. I convinced myself of all those things so I blamed the mirror for not reflecting what I wanted to see. In reality, it was myself I had to blame. I begun to feel more confidence once I expelled the toxic people out of my life. I am now happy in my own skin. Thank you. 

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