With it

Are you down 

For some 

Of those haters hating

Down for 

Making thousands of haters

That are just disguised as fans

Who won't admit they like your shi*

They're to busy

Wanting to be you

For them to praise you

So they waste their time

Commenting feedback

That only makes you better

You suck


Go die

But you come back 

Stronger and better

Cause something in your eyes

Says we've been through this before

A few bumps on the road

Can't keep you away from the top

Of the top forever

Best seller, platnium records

Endless oceans of fans




Turning the pages of one of your best sellers

Chapter 30 and the end 

Still isn't written

It's the words of your life

You can't stay a crumpled up piece of paper forever

Now can you?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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