Slam for Orlando

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Grey skies overhead. Blue seas below, waving. Green trees, hoping for a chance to start anew. Red fire giving trees a chance. Grey skies put the fire out, the sea ceases its spread, the trees start anew.
49 sitting, thirsty for death To kill the parasitic melancholy and loneliness Enter 1, hungry for carnage Ending their pain with a bang
I can’t believe I was starting to think that I might be comfortable in my own skin that the spinning of the world might be tipping upright again and the breeze might soon smell sweet and welcoming.  
Orlando, tomorrow is forming no more as we pretended mourning informed by scores our innocence ended sinisterly splintered bodies
my father tells me to be quieter as i’m washing the dishesso he can hear the news,hear about the 102 people shot in orlando last weekendand the candlelight vigil i didn’t attend because i had to work
The pain will never be of pleasure, for the deaths of those precious lives cannot be measured.  These innocent victims will forever be remembered, for the Orlando shooting was caused by a ruthless offender.   
There were lives lost while people crouched in bathroom stalls, Knowing What could come next. They could only text their mothers While a gunman tested the nation. We've seen it before.
Drip... Drip... Drip... All I could see is the souls of those roses in his hands.  So much blood, the agony of it all...   The malignant aura spread across the nation
Forty-nine hearts ripped out of innocent souls, ninety-eight eyes closed for eternity, one hundred ninety-six limbs peacefully paralyzed, the world is praying for these forty-nine hearts  
My heart bleeds pink for the sexuality that the news reporters shove back into the closet. My heart bleeds red for the lives lost. My heart bleeds orange for the hope that the families would heal.
Is it too much to ask-- for love to live? Hands hold hands, waiting to run from the grip of fear-- Faces fade to gray against  the colors of the heart's life-- No pulse-- only the still.
There was a day before you and there'll be a day after you. And I know no one thought that day was soon,But it was.
Turn it off Turn off the news Turn off The hurt The hurt The hurt It's too much to take Too much to understand So it's better to just not see It's better to just Turn it off
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry to all the families that lost someone who ment the world to them in the Orlando shooting, I'm sorry that this happened to you, I'm sorry that you have to experience this pain,
We dance, merry in a fortunate life With lights flashing blue and green and red Our only wish: that this will never end A sentence without a terminal point We are young. We are free in this great dance
Dear sweet Orlando, know that we all have your back even when I can't imagine what its like to be attacked.   There are very few words that will come to my head when speaking of this Tragedy
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