rainbow colours

My heart bleeds pink for the sexuality that the news reporters shove back into the closet. My heart bleeds red for the lives lost. My heart bleeds orange for the hope that the families would heal. My heart bleeds yellow for the vitality I know this community holds. My heart bleeds green for the serenity that has been lost. My heart bleeds blue for the harmony I wish we could obtain with others not like us. My heart bleeds purple for the spirit that my community keeps even in times of hate. My heart bleeds in rainbow colours because my blood has been spilled. My pride leeks from my veins when everyone in the world it telling me I am wrong. My community will not be silenced. We will not be shoved back into the closet by reporters who have no idea how hard it is to be us. We will not let the bullets that have been released take away our voices. We will not hide our pride any longer. We will be heard. We will not let these lost lives be lost in vain. We will fight for our pride. We will fight for our freedom. Our hearts may break, but our blood spills in rainbow colours.

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My community


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