Unexpected Emptiness

There was a day before you and there'll be a day after you.
And I know no one thought that day was soon,
But it was.
The only difference is the day before you,
It was filled with excitement and hormones that roamed the air looking for a way to escape.
It was filled with hits and kicks like you were inside a boxing ring and not mommy's tummy.
It was filled with love and eagerness, hoping it would go well but making sure there wasn't too many factors.

And then your family met you and experienced life with you.

But your parents,

Your brother, sister, mother, father, aunts, and uncles,
They didn't think today was the day.
Maybe they just saw you graduate, get engaged, come out, fall in love, get married, go on tour, finish a dream....
Well this,
This was their nightmare.
Because phone calls engulfed telephone lines of:
"Hunny are you there?"
And there was no answer because you left.
And I know you didn't want to but someone somewhere felt the need to let you go.
And I know it shouldn't have been their choice but it was.
One shot fired after another,
Bathroom stalls heard more prayers than churches,
Cell phones despite beliefs were not under water,
Just filled with tears.
Those who survived were just as scared as you.
There wasn't a day after them yet.
There's just the day after you.
And that day was filled with prayers for families in Orlando whose boys just wanted to have a fun night.
Vacations turned into funeral arrangements
And celebrations turned into therapy sessions.
The day after you was nothing like the day before you.
The day after you,
Wasn't something this world needed to see.

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My country
Our world
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