I'm Sorry

I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry to all the families that lost someone who ment the world to them in the Orlando shooting,
I'm sorry that this happened to you,
I'm sorry that you have to experience this pain,
I'm sorry that you have to bury your child, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend....
I'm sorry that we live in a world, a society, where being you is unacceptable.

I'm sorry that you have to hide who you really are for fear of being ridiculed or even killed.
I'm sorry that society has labeled us "wrong", "disgraceful", "abominations"...
I'm sorry that society can't see just how beautiful you truly are,
I'm sorry that you, we, have been cast aside.
I'm sorry that society has set up "standards" that we don't fit into.
I'm sorry that society never gave us a chance.

I'm sorry that you were there that night.
I'm sorry that you are no longer here with us,
I'm sorry this ever happened.
I'm sorry that he wasn't stopped.
I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything to help you.
I'm sorry that you're gone and your loved ones are suffering from losing you.

I'm sorry society,
I'm sorry that we aren't what you want us to be,
But I'm not sorry for being me.
I'm not sorry for writing this and I'm not sorry for taking a stand and saying we need to end this.
All of the suffering and pain we cause each other,
It needs to come to an end.
We need to all realize and respect that we are all individuals, who all have different opinions and views.

Instead of fighting with each other, we need to band together.
We need to support one another.
We need to see that we are all human beings who have families and loved ones.
We need to stop stealing away people's lives, children, father, mother, spouse...
I'm sorry that we can't all see eye-to-eye, but we need to understand that we won't.

I'm sorry that this ever happened,
I'm sorry that people died because of who they were,
I'm sorry that such hatred exists in the world,
But most of all, I'm sorry that we live in a world where being different can only be solved with one thing,
Violence, not understanding or trying to understand, but the ruthless killing all because of what?
Because they weren't like you?
I'm sorry that you are too narrow minded to realize that we need to love and support each other, even if we all don't have the same beliefs or identify differently.

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