acceptance of a loss

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Beep,Beep,Beep The monitor shows Your heart beating slow Seeing you in agony Makes me realize That sooner or later You will go Watching you breathe fast and slow
The day she died the snow melted     (line break)    A congregation of remainders     (line break)    sat sipping silence     (line break)    coloring in coloring books     (line break)    lines blurred through glassy eyes     (line break)    into
People come and people go. Relationships—are they worthwhile? Memories last forever, though.   He grins and, winking, says hello,
Losing you felt like my heart was ripped out my chest, I cried for many days all those sleepless nights, constantly trying my best, to stay strong and fight. Wishing you never left, wanting to bring you back,
I haven’t slept tonight So I’ve been sitting And reminiscing About all the good times we’ve shared Our separation from one another pains me
I fell in love with a boy Who never loved me And I knew that But I did not leave Time it would take For a heart to love When it never had loved before   I fell in love with a boy
Hidden Beauty |~Taylor Freeman~| Losing someone is extremely difficult. But when they are close to someone so young that’s the worst. Our father was killed in war;
As i watch you breathing I look deep into your eyes I try to read your face For clues of any feeling Pain or peace I know your body is tired
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