all alone

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  worried sick it’s 3 a.m. and you can’t sleep it feels like you’ve tried it all from reading books to counting sheep your mind races your head aches overthinking it leaves no space
I never listen to the words you speakYou never cared about meOnly for my moneyWhat about the little girl?The one you left behindShe needed you back thereA prince she waitedNever came for her
That feeling you don't understand but can easily recognize. That feeling of just wanting to go and wander. To be surrounded by strangers. To be alone with just music. That feeling that makes your stomach ache and your head hurt.
Dear Mother,   Dear, Oh Dear Mother, Yes it is Me your Daughter I have never meant what has happened Dear Mother
Dear God, I'm screaming, I'm shaking, I'm dead inside.  I want to be good enough and believe me, I tried. So I take a deep breath and I count to three.  I imagine the person that I wish I could be.
Leaves crumple under my feet as my eyes are fogged by my layered tears. I’m walking under the brightest street lights, but still feeling completely in the
I just want someone to love me To be a shoulder to cry on To comfort me To understand me To let me be me To know me To feel for me I want someone to  Be the person to go to 
As my heart chooses and my love fades, the fire sparks to cast the doubt away Where is the sun to shine in endangered skys? the clouds pour down the diamond tears but i am still standing here
The Moon came out to playWithout the sight of dayHer skin as white as snowHer sadness will only grow
SEPARATION ~Linus   Here they go again All these fights won't ever end The kids are crying. There's no more trying. And your job needs you to work late I see you walking out the door
I was a girl who was always alone. I was the girl who had "friends" but felt alone.
Fear of big crowds Fear of loneliness Fear of emptiness Fear of feeling worthless Fear of being fake
NOT NEEDED   I came in this world as a reject. No one wanted me and no one needed me.  But then one day.... That one day.  I found an outcast kind of like me. 
My hands are about as cold and dead as they can be without actually being dead.   My hair is about as long as can be without actually being long.   My thighs are about
My hands are about as cold and dead as they can be without actually being dead.   My hair is about as long as can be without actually being long.   My thighs are about
The darkness formed a box in my mind, Trapping my thoughts and never letting me see the light.   I'm trapped within my own mind,  And that's the worst kind of torture,
Crying. I was up crying for you all night. I don't know you. I've never seen your face, Yet I was crying, crying, crying.   I wanted you there. I wanted you to hold me.
The days go by,So quickly it seems.It seems that just yesterday,You started school.Then there you are,Here today,Graduating from high school.
If I was stranded on an island and I didn't know what to do I would grab my card and play It is something I can do everyday   Without those floppy cards I would be bored day and night
Faced with the ultimate question, If I were stranded, All alone, What would I bring  To make me feel at home? The answer is difficult, Not an easy task, What would I do,
Lonelyness is quite comfortable, Being alone doing your thing, Getting to know yourself better,  Seeing past your flaws, Listening to music, Knowing that deep down inside you, You are never alone,
"Your smile fades  As you look away I see the broken pain That is causing me shame Why couldn't I see What was pointed out so clearly I went looking for trouble  But it was right in front of me
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