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I ask you what is a star?   A star can be so many things To the antebellum bondsman on the run it was a guide towards freedom
I am in love with a girl... a girl who is afraid of breakfast, who brews coffee in the morning like gasoline feeding a starving engine.  
Absence of remembrance, how horrifying must be! To exist without the tender warmth Of past lover’s embrace The distant memories of places once visited
Family is special. My parents love me so dear. I couldn't live without family. They need to be near.   I love my grandma's cooking, And a good Sunday family meal. I love my cousins and aunts,
My collection of princesses who trained with dragons Of scripts containing midnight thieves like me My collection grows with each passing day, it grows and contorts
Norepinephrine, Dopamine, and Phenylethylamine,Are just regular chemicals, But put them together you get Love.   That heart pumping, roller coaster feeling
You give me love You give me your time You give me happiness You gave me life You gave me a reason to live You gave me your warmth You gave me your everything You gave me forever
Kisses smoother than French silk on my lips tastes like Caribbean chocolate. Purest flavor flown in straight from the island. Gingerly he would kiss me upon my cheek.
  1  We are the unseen    Held underneath    Buried as a team with an empty canteen    With the unknown beneath    Yet to be unleashed
Stranded amongst the trees and sand, There would be only one that I'd demand. I'd be fine waiting there until the end of time, If she could give her love to me, Sitting at my side.
All I need is peace. Something that will keep me sane. All I need is a world full of happiness. A world where no one complains.  All I need is love. Something that will make me content.
The Rabbit HoleI fell in love when I least expected it No, I thought I’d be alone I was finally enjoying the solitude
Imagine. The salt that splashes so lightly on my lips, Dripping from my head down to my fingertips. The sun that shines so brightly upon my back, The one thing that my old home used to lack.
We are two bodies that sails the body of the sea In search of our lost souls driven by the riches We heard of this land by the many in our genration No one haven't really seen her, only a figment of a long lost dream
I love too hard But doesn’t that me human But doesn’t that make us human We find that one We think is the one Because we feel in our souls they’re right Because we feel we can’t go without them
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