Stranded Island

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Faced with the ultimate question, If I were stranded, All alone, What would I bring  To make me feel at home? The answer is difficult, Not an easy task, What would I do,
Alone, no that's not right. I need 'him' there right by my side. At least I have an ear to talk right off. Someone who will speak right back. We can joke around to make time past.
Horrid Day into Horrid Night,  she sleeps to an inner-war with herself.  the silent screams of solitude erupt in her head. she runs to only herself again and again. 
It’s just you and music. When you speak, it cannot reply But when you hear what it has to say It speaks volumes. Revelations are formed. Emotions that you have never experienced before,
Imagine yourself on a stranded island: the sand in your hair the broken boat that is near the loneliness that's with you there.   Personally, that scene seems unbearable
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