Give Me Hope

Imagine yourself on a stranded island:

the sand in your hair

the broken boat that is near

the loneliness that's with you there.


Personally, that scene seems unbearable

for in my mind it all seems so dark

with nothing around you but a vast emptiness

unless you count hope that rests in your heart,

and when I think of that hope

the scene seems to change

into something that's a little better

and something a little less strange.


It's for that reason and more

that hope is the answer

to the question of what would you take if you were stranded on an island

because at the end of the day-hope drives away the ultimate monster.


It may be just an idea

but if I'm stranded on an island- hope is what I would take

not just because it makes the situation a little better or that it drives away any monsters

but more so because hope fills you with this strength

that makes you believe you can do anything

which helps your own surival

so by indirect cause, hope is what has you stay alive

long enough for you to wait for your savior's arrival.


However, with all of that said

hope is needed far more than just when you're on an island alone

for the optimism that gives you strength works in every aspect of life

and the more you have it- the more you're not really on your own.

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