greek myths

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Lucia Bonaccio Dear Mother (A letter to Demeter) Dear Mother, I ate the pomegranate seeds not because I was famished  But because he gave me more than you could ever 
The sun goes on its daily break, and the moon is roused from its slumber. Yet none of these lights grazes his skin, for Hypnos’ house is in covers.   A hermit who naps in the bathtub at dawn,
Oh? Who is that there? That beautiful person, Yes, you, gorgeous. Perfection, I love you; I love…myself. Yes me 
Icarus doesn't listen to his father, When did he ever? "Do not falter, son" "Oh, I would never"   And so, Daedalus sent his son on his way If he had known that was the last time he'd see him
Sarpedon couldn't get its head around A woman who wanted to stand her ground After a non-consensual encounter. But Medusa didn't let it discount her For sexuality isn't "corrected."
     Athens high school was home to some of the best and most talented gods and goddesses in all of Greece. This high class school was home of Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite.
Across these rigidWastelands, Perseus holds hisSnake ridden trophy,For he decapitated,This monstrous, Gorgon bred Queen
My world was small, but you showed me   Wings built to carry all that I am. Are you aware of my changring heart? Melting away and molding into something new. In this moment,
I know I was wrong in doing so, but I did it anyway. I left for battle in your place, knowing I would never come back.   And so, here I am. Waiting... Waiting for the day
Hear me, oh cruel gods of Olympus, for one of your own is fading. Pan is dying, oh our beloved Pan is dying.   "Great Pan is dead!" Thamus yells. Alas, the news is only greeted
Sweet Arachne why must you boast so? Sweet Arachne your talent can only go so far.   To offend the goddess in such a manner. Have you no shame? No? You say you could best Athena?
My dear Medusa you with your ivory skin, your ebony hair, your fiery eyes.   Your beauty challenged no other, you were graceful and clever. A priestess who was pure,
I'm sorry my fellow hunter, I'm sorry.   Even though we had cared for each other. Even though you had cherished me. It was I who killed you.   I'm sorry for my brother's jealousy.
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