1st Poem

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We sing like Rain We scream like Thunder We shine Like lightning hitting the Crashing Waves We Mourn like the Storm finally calming itself We are gloom like the grey Skyies after a Hurricane
She planted beautiful flowers All with different colors and different namesThey all had different needs non e were the sameShe took as much care of them as she could She watered them and loved them She always said they were ugly and they weren't g
The whole world I would give, just to see her live Many lonely nights I've cried and now my heart is fried I still remember when she called me dear, and now it's been one whole year
The world is just a mirror of the soul Growing from roots, but barely bold For the life we live, for time that's sold For what we seek, for price and gold What is different between you and I?
We've all been asked time and time again, what would you bring if you were on a deserted island? Well to be honest, it's not practical, but I have only one thing. Or rather, one person. You. Yes, you know who you are.
My mind of youth, days of past so confused so deluded. Unknown grounds rocky roads, departed souls. Entwined in a world of poisonus minds, Life's trap door tryna fade the pain..The pain of life, life's pain plan.
The pain of missing you Comes in rounds Bullet after bullet They meet their mark   No matter how loud I scream  No one else can hear me The pain is unbearable Only you can soothe it
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