Where I'm From Poem

Where I’m From Poem


    I am from Remington deer hunting rifles and numerous Apple computers

From the best smelling home-cooked meals and the tastiest banana bread around

I am from the biggest backyard in my neighborhood

From the smell of canned and dry dog food that isn't meant for human consumption
From the towering sunflowers that grow outside my front door

I am from an orchard full of apple trees whose limbs span the length of my entire childhood

I am from a house that has a Hasbro GI Joe action figure and a house stockpiled with Legos

I am from a household with a green Chevrolet Suburban parked right outside our garage

I am from a house with a fantastic play-set with a rockin’ tire swing

I am from a family with a teeter-totter and an outdoor playhouse

From a golf-course lawn, with a plentiful abundance of trees

I am from a house with a stone patio and a white pergola

I am from a family of 2 parents, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters, 1 Saint Bernard dog, many goldfish, 1 crayfish, two tadpoles, and 3 guinea pigs

I am from the Methodist Hospital in Rochester Minnesota

I am from the Laudon and Theis Family

From a Grandpa Milan and a Grandma Mary on my Dad’s side

And From a Grandpa Don and a Grandma Pat on my Mom’s side

I am from my uncle Carl, Rick, and Steve’s hilarious sense of humor

From my grandparents hard work ethic

From my parents caring touch

From “Don't put that in your mouth!” and “It’s time to leave for Church”

From “Dinner’s ready” and “Why are you bringing all of that junk, we aren’t driving to Afghanistan?”

From “Why are you driving so close to the curb? You aren’t the mailman and were are not delivering the mail!!!!”

And from “I don’t want to drive with you, because I don’t want to die today!”

From my mom’s scrumptious strawberry jello salad

To my Aunt Lala’s delicious dinosaur cookies

To ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen

To delicious “cookies that jump into your mouth”

From my Mom’s special K-bars

From eggs and bacon on a beautiful Sunday morning

I am from boxes filled to the very top with memories from the past

Some of these pictures, make me laugh, others make me cry

I am from family conservations about our recent and previous trips to Walt Disney World

I am from memories that we will always cherish as a family  

This poem is about: 
My family


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