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With a big smile on the face,carryng their little wrapped box in their head they approach you. Before you have time to reveal yourself they desire to zap your power and pull out the little box
The thought of me not fitting Neatly into their box Sacres them for some reason Not quite this, not fully that I don't check off All the things on the list To call me one or the other  
I feel around me in the dark,  A wall, two walls, three, then four.  I’m in a box,  I cannot escape, I’m shouting, screaming Help me! But no one hears,
Hey Cody, I know you like Instagram, but don’t get caught up in it.Instagram in itself isn’t such a bad thing.
Little music box please keep turning your all I have  and all I need. Please darling  I know you have been dropped  and left empy  but i promise to wind you up forever
There's a box everyone is given From the moment somebody's born to the moment he dies In that box he is commanded to fit in It's a box with walls made of magazine photos and "self-improvement" guides
Friends with benefits What's the benefit When I'm falling in love And you're looking down from the cliff
Life is a box, and people think inside of it.  Each wall of the box is made of a different material. Water, Steel, Pebble, Sand, Air, and Paper.
What if the world was a box And we were trapped inside What if it’s shut-up with locks On each and every side How do we escape Does anyone know How do we escape This never ending show
There once was a fox Who lived in a box Who ate bagels and lox Who was friends with an ox Who liked the Red Sox And they both came down with chicken pox!
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
They have never known the peace that trickles
I'm stuck in a box full of language and clocks. my chest is squeezed tight and I can't love right.
I will be whoever the fuck I want. Let me repeat that. I, Faith Rider, will be, whoever, whatever, the fuck I want. Everyone is putting themselves in boxes, "I'm straight!." "I'm Gay!" "I'm Bi!"
He sat there, Alone. Staring from a distance At the one he wanted the most.   What a cruel world That would not let him be. What a cruel world, To stop him from loving.  
Sadistic you are Weary is I The battle has been won Are you proud? Is there enjoyment in pain, pain that you have caused? Do I deserve it, no
I've got a box, No bigger then my hand I've got a box, and it's filled with memories Burnt from loose cigarettes, they're frayed and black Papers with words and scars from bleeding quills
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