Worth It


He sat there,


Staring from a distance

At the one he wanted the most.


What a cruel world

That would not let him be.

What a cruel world,

To stop him from loving.


In his hands there was a box.

A small, square, purple box,

And as he sat holding the box,

He looked around,

Wondering whether it was all worth it.


He stared once more at the one he loved.

He hesitantly stood and began moving forward.

Time was still.

His hands trembled.

He preceded forward until the one he loved

Was closer.


He knew what he was doing was wrong,

But in his heart it felt so right.

He got on one knee,


Opened the box and waited.


Though he did not say a word,

The one he loved knew what he meant.

The man he loved knew.

The world suddenly stopped.

All hearts raced.

Then he nodded.


Love is love.


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