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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter 1 [From: Him To: Me]  
Dear friend Dear father Dear lord Dear creator Dear god That's what you are Right?My questions overwhelm meAnd even now I doubt When will I learn to trust you,Live free, and Give my all to youGod I'm tiredTired of knowing of you But not knowing yo
A situation of dire need and stress On a deserted island a man is found as a mess He has nothing neither here nor there Except a ragged old book he has as spritual fare Should he read such a despised old text?
God's love runs deeper than the darkest of seas, It swallows up the world and takes in everything, Without Him I am an empty unfulfilled vessel, He completes me and without Him I am nothing  
So maybe you are nota person, place or thingbut just a living verbin which we ever sing in sense, unlike the birds,to try and demonstratethe way in which you arelove we reciprocate
The harvest moon Gives an iridescent glow Onto the reflecting pool below. Crickets and cicadas sing in Perfect harmony as
God will hold us together  Love will help us remember Life is what you make it So I beg u don't take it for granted God made us to be in his likeness So We should strive to achieve greatness
I am so many things one word cannot decribe, but God is still molding me: I am the word kindKindness that people draw toI am the word kind Impatient was meLove is what I crave to beTo be bold and st
As the night grew older started to make sense I can't see between the lines dear god I a
I am determined no matter what life brings my way I am beautiful no matter what society might say
When you don‘t know whether to hide Or to run Or to scream When it becomes too hard to risk
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