God's Amazing Love


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God's love runs deeper than the darkest of seas,

It swallows up the world and takes in everything,

Without Him I am an empty unfulfilled vessel,

He completes me and without Him I am nothing


Without God's love to fulfill my utmost being,

Without his outstretched arms waiting for me,

Without his love his son poured out for us on the holy cross,

Without his sweet care for each of his disciples,


During my times of suffering he is there for me,

Carrying me and raising me to complete happiness,

Stranded on a beach he is with me,

Filling me with all I need to survive


The one thing I can't live without is God's Love,

Like an overflowing waterfall pouring out for us

Without him I am lost and forsaken,

He fills my heart, mind and soul with a joy I can't contain







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