He Set Me Free

When you don‘t know whether to hide

Or to run

Or to scream

When it becomes too hard to risk

to chance

Or to dream

I think it’s awesome that God is a beam

Of light, of hope, of peace – it’s him I see

I just can’t believe that I was ever unhappy

The world is a beast – it’s covered in sin – believe me

But there’s a man upstairs – he cares – just hear me

The power and the money and the sex –it’s not worth it

Because as the pressure comes onto your shoulders – you can’t help but


under the weight – it’s too much; you’re just not enough

You see the holes in His hands?

It’s like your heart

But look closer - He’s got the map

So, go on, take the leap; He’ll fill the gap

I think it’s awesome

That he lives

That he breathes

That he shines within me

I think it’s awesome

that I don’t have to hear the call of the


Of the


Of the

Life that had engulfed me

I think it’s awesome

 that in spite of the


And the


And the


That unlike Bane,

I don’t cover my face

I sit straight

I stand tall

And when I hit a wall

I float past it all

‘cause God makes Satan crawl

I think God is awesome

As if I haven’t said it enough

With his love

And his mercy

And his grace

And his care

He did one thing that others can only declare

He set me free

And no other gift can compare.

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