a new birth

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My scream travelling through the walls, Was this decision right? I wish I could turn back and crawl, But I have to win this fight,   Pain surging through me, I spar to keep my eyes open,
I Trimester (1, 2, 3) Beneath my eyelids I'm lividToo weak to impress I'm compressingPink - the sun beyond this layer of skinI'd consider it pink if I knew any other color
The day I grew up, I will never forget. Not a day has gone by that I live with regret. The contractions were long and would always restart. Then within a flash, be still my beating heart.
I’ve witnessed addiction yank at the roots of a family tree.I’ve listened to slurred words that stung and blared violently enough to roam as a wildfirenesting inside weak hollow trees,blazing from the inside outuntil ash is simply a remnant of its
You have a new life in your handsIt might not have been a part of your plansBut now you have that chanceAnd remember your not done your dance
A year ago, on this day I clutch my belly and pray and pray I know this is a monumental change Is it something that I can take? Will I have enough courage, and strength? Will I still be the same?
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