A year ago, on this day

I clutch my belly and pray and pray

I know this is a monumental change

Is it something that I can take?

Will I have enough courage, and strength?

Will I still be the same?

Will such a tiny being

Be the big change this world needs?

Or will she fail, just like me,

Doomed for all eternity.

The skies crash down

My throat gets caught

On a giant lump of thoughts.

Regret, despair, I need some air

Please help me, show me

how to get there.

I hear you cry. A tiny squeak. 

Tears fill my eyes as you speak.

I know from here. That this is it.

This is the final moment.

This is where my life picks up.

This is where I stand up tall.

I must have courage

for when you fall.

My little dear. Baby bear.

I will always be there.

This poem is about: 
My family


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