'love'. motivation

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Coming from anger, I understood, why the seeds were planted within this merchandise. Many visions were bombing my conscious; why am I not surprise.
When I'm not at my best and ready to give up. I remind myself to ask how am I percieved it would be easy to give up, but I've lost everything that I've strived for. "WHAT A WASTE!" They'd say.
Lets all be unique together until we realize we are all the same, for those who feel different, who is to blame. For the people that bring others down and make  them feel ashamed. Life is not going to be easy,
Missing Rib:
As the memory's faded I began to realize 
Happiness... Was one thing I never felt, And never could find, Until I fell for a dancer. Each step he took; flawless Every movement; perfect.
Never be afraid to live Do not be afraird of what you have never did Be an adult but laugh as a kid Go On.   Never let other hold you back Do not your situations stack
Isnt it awesome that youre alive? That youre wide awake and breathing. That youre talking laughing and walking.   Isnt it awesome that  you have a place called home? That youre not on the streets
It's okay to walk down the wrong path, or to find yourself spiraling through never ending black holes, or to climb steep mountains, without an end in sight. It's okay to have your heart broken,
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