"The Path Of Peace"


6357 Seastone Way
United States

Coming from anger, I understood, why the seeds were planted within this merchandise. Many visions were bombing my conscious; why am I not surprise.

I excluded my mind, I rejuvinated my body, I became a sovereign of my past, and ruled over my demons, but I'm still imprisioned of  my haunted decisions

The path isn't cut at a dead end. I look up and the figure I see; Standing on top of the mountain opposed me

Words fooled me once, but my eyes didn't fool me twice. Indecisive I am, yet I still believe that there is a land named "free"

Call it miracles, call it blessings; I reversed this dark mass and made it my light. I accepted the ones before me as my guide in this cold world we fight.

I put my heart in ignition, hoping it would turn the tables with one decision. Prepared for worse dreadweight 2x the collision.

But I opened my eyes realizing that this dangerous fantasy was a knife that pierced my reality.

Went back to my Inner sanctum and met my past; where we finally shaked hands and I can be free at last.

Love can be shared, pain can be dropped, no more pointless screams. Come follow me through this path of peace.


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