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Look up see the sun shining look up to the silver lining look up let the breeze hit your face let the sweet air give you an embrace enjoy life's brand new day its been given to you
There's this girl I know, she made my life change.  My friend introduced us one day. Despite looking bad, She must've thought I was rad. We started slow, as friends, not moving fast.
    I think the world wants answers from us this time. It wants to know why we dig holes and hit old wounds?
I watched them fight and die in the name of freedom.  They speak of liberty and justice but for whom? I will seek Vengence upon those who have betrayed my people.
Music fills the soul Sounding just right It can make you feel whole.   As the magic behind the sound begins to take toll I feel myself becoming light It can make you feel whole  
This is for the kids that have fist fights with the mornings,
 Wrestling with their sheets
 That they’re being choked just by  waking up.  
I want to get better help me get better. living like this, is not called living. No matter where I go it's always pouring the same and im tired of etting cold  all drenched from the rain.
You came in to the world awesome, But with all the hate it made you feel, That you were not awesome, Sometimes we are the main judgers.
I've wondered why some bees can fly, With bodies too big for their wings, I've wondered why, without knowledge of music, It's possible for birds to sing,   I've wondered why the moon and stars,
Waking up to a morning sun warming rays, this Is the beginning of awesome.
The summer days, full of laughter and play. The splashing and playing in the cool water, The beams of sun above, tanning skin, The gentle breeze of the wind on your face,
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