I've Wondered Why

I've wondered why some bees can fly,

With bodies too big for their wings,

I've wondered why, without knowledge of music,

It's possible for birds to sing,


I've wondered why the moon and stars,

Bring beauty to the night, 

I've wondered why, during the day,

The sun gives the Earth light,


I've wondered why there are so many colors,

In sunrises and sunsets,

And in flowers, because they could all exist,

In just shades of grey and black,


I've wondered why there is only sometimes

Rainbows after rain,

So that after a storm, people have to check,

To see if a rainbow came,


I've wondered why, in winter, there's snow,

To blanket the world in white,

Or why there is always a spring,

To again give the Earth life,


I've pondered these miracles many times,

In the span of my short life,

And thought that I would never know,

How all these things could be right,


One day I met God in a field, 

And in that very spot,

I asked him all my questions "Why...?"

And he replied, "Why not?".



This poem is about: 
Our world


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