I want to get better

I want to get better

help me get better.

living like this, is not called living.

No matter where I go it's always pouring the same

and im tired of etting cold 

all drenched from the rain.

Today and every other day, I feel it, I know it.

you're leaving

and all these cuts are bleeding.

But you

you are fleeing.

and I 

can't help but to stop breathing.

My mind's going off on a rampage 

and you are trreating me like a borring book

just flicking through every damn page.

What you see you dont like

and what you like

you cant seem to find.

So you put me back on the shelve.

You go on looking for someone else.

I wanted to get better.


I felt it. I knew it. You were leaving

- Naelid Cervantes

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