What I'm Thankful For Slam

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An avid reader such as I, can find it difficult to choose. I swore i had a favorite genre, never a book, never specifically.   But then. i found you   Familiar and Similar
I prepped the room for your arrival Knowing soon a call was near I ached you didn’t fight for survival The door opened and your laugh I hear
It can be found shining through your window in the morning Or through the leaves on the trees at sunset You can find it in a reflection on the water Or in the direction the sunflowers grow
I'm thankful for the way my body functions. I'm thankful for the loving family I have who supports me. I'm thankful for the country I was born in and how they protect my rights and build my future.
M- A safe place that keeps you from the opinions of the world D- Bring a smile to the face of a Sweet butterfly  M- Laughter that brings tears like rain D- Exciting new adventure when we're together 
Thank you, Bedroom floor for being there when no one would upon your surface, rests my broken heart's remains within your wood, lie my teardrop stains I know it was a hard time, so I thank you thank you,
She runs with enthusiasm, her wild spirit following behind her, To the place where she is set free.   The place where the sun caresses her cheek, where
Love, Taken Aback                             She Then Strikes                          \ -------------Confusion-Anguish-Frustration-Regret      |-                      World Flips Upon An Axis                  / 
Sanity. We can't always be it.Sanity. What everyone presses you to be.Sanity. The normal of life...But... sometimes you lose your grip on Sanity... how do you get back?
I'm thankful for the birds and trees  I'm thankful for you and me  I'm thankful for my family and friends  Living a life from beginning to end  I'm thankful for humans and animals 
Negative mind and negative thoughts Got me tied up in a knot Kept me blind from the sky Tilt my head and I cry All the stars are my blessings Slow down and stop stressing My foundation is her
Grew up in a small town In a different state Worked her way through college I can’t relate Living in the cold Those winter days Came to California To find those summer rays
Thank you to the people to the person who carries me to the one who lifts me up when the world beats me down Thank you for the shoulders who catch my tears and hear my cries
Constant, rapid, overwhelming thoughts running through my mind, I can't help but wonder if my life would've been different. Would I still have a family who loves me or cares, Or would I just be invisible to everyone?
  Eyes are powerful. Have you ever seen a pair of eyes Which do not hold a story?   To tell a story is to experience.
what if i had not compiled all my courage to tell you “hello?” and what if you had replied with a scowl instead of a smile? i sometimes wonder, late at night,
I wake up every morning and look to the bed one my side and find him sleeping calm, closed eyes.    I push out and walk  over by him and plant a soft kiss on his cheek
Dark chocolate eyes that hold bittersweet memories All leave a trap for my enemies Arms as strong as lions, but can still hold a fragile glass As intuitive as Einstein, as if she took his class
I am in love His very presence lights a fire in my soul The flames consume my heart and I bathe in the orange sparks the color of his hair I am in love
i love when your skin turns red after a hot shower and the blue veins that run across your chest i adore the little fuzz under your belly button,  and the loud laughter that fills my ears when you're happy
I am thankful for every breath I breathe, For my friends and family, Every chance to see, Beyond just me. I am thankful for the water I drink, For every connection or link,
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