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When it came to compassion, God didn't show him any.He decided to drive his car after he had a few too many.He hit another car head on.He didn't survive, he is gone.
Silence, darkness, enclosed am I.Hands wet, in pain, press up against the wooden cover.The plank lifted with ease, crashing to the side.Dim light greated my eyes, as I rose in my earthen tomb.
by Debi Lyn Monday, August 16, 2021   To kiss your lips is magic; your smile ignites my soul. The solid gaze of your blue eyes ensures I’ll soon lose all control.
When I died, I arrived in Hell and there was a lesson that I quickly learned.Satan is using a new kind of torture, people are no longer being burned.It's a rotten, terrible and cruel thing for Satan to do.
I watched as my entire soul crossed a threshold. Time slowed and I saw his face. It was him. They said I’d never see him again,
The one who clims to love me But the one who often isn't there A walking contradiction The angel on my shoulder The devil whispring in my ear Get out! Or stay Whichever one you chose to do
Rain,  wet droplets hit my face That time of year surely brings me faith           As the water weighs me down I pray         that maybe I'll be able to touch your base
Lord, give me pain. Let me feel every tear that wells up in my eyes, Every moment my heart is shredded to pieces, Lord. Give me pain and give me torment, Let my soul wrench for the poor and for the needy,
[(I was 15 at the time I wrote this.)]   Because I'm not like you, you fear me, you hate me, you torture me. I refuse to be like you. I fear you, I hate you, I run from you.
Masks hide the face from everything, with many shapesColors, and ShadesA mask of Purple hides my depressionA mask of Red hides my angerA mask of Pink hides my feeling of love.
The wind is blowing cuts like knives throuw my soul This pain in my heart hurts more than the world will know   Voices in my head whisper light as a feather It'll take a little time
Why are there so many things in this world to worry about? Why do I wait and wander in my worries when I could be doing something fun  like making babies or going on journeys? Why is the world so mean?
He was a man of God but that thug didn't care in the least.That animal walked into a Parish and murdered the Priest.When he was arrested, he said that he killed the Priest because he hated God.
I reach out to grasp the door handle But my hand is stopped  Stopped by glass Glass is all around me and I panic Clear top, sides, bottom Then the water
I can see you feverishly stabbing away at your keyboard the glare of the computer screen illuminating your countenance 
A broken heart will remember its wounds. A mind scarred will remain scarred. A body touched cannot be untouched. But another bottle won't fix it all. And the high only lasts for a moment.
I stopped cutting and slicingat my wrists long ago.I stopped dicing my fleshand begging for more.But lately I feellike I need to start again.And I truely believeit's time to begin.
The fear of you, Of you being near me   Near me, hurting me, Hurting me without any regret   Any regret of what you’ve done,
Words that tortureWords that blessWhat shall put my thoughts to rest? Heart held captiveBy the mindFeelings ever left confined Words that tortureWords that hauntConsequence of fate unkind
War is declared On all of you, who hurt Others; leaving none spared. You seem to use all effort To leave them despaired And, lacking comfort.
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