Thu, 09/04/2014 - 22:29 -- jmmt4
I reach out to grasp the door handle
But my hand is stopped 
Stopped by glass
Glass is all around me and I panic
Clear top, sides, bottom
Then the water
It happily gurgles in, from the corners
As my foot touches it
I scream out
The water is pure pain and agony
And I can't escape it
The glass trap
Soon I'm floating in this horror
Screaming for relief
None comes
I bang my fists on the glass sides
Blood mixing in the water
To get free
Too soon the top approaches
Nearer nearer nearer
The pain is absolutely crippling 
But I gasp for breath
I want to live
My tears supplement the liquid agony
Mouth pressed against glass
One last breath
Now I am completely underwater
No breath to be found
Pain overcoming
As I open my mouth to accept my fate
I do not understand
This surprise
Pain floods into my mouth and lungs
But I am not dying
I'm alive
I laugh, tears flowing, agony unending
I can survive in here
I can live
And so I bang my fists against the glass
Triumphantly screaming
I am here


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