This is War

War is declared
On all of you, who hurt
Others; leaving none spared.
You seem to use all effort
To leave them despaired
And, lacking comfort.

Do you offer justification
Or are you just above the rest?
Why must you add to their burden,
Leaving them all, depressed?
I remember prayers unanswered as days lengthen;
All from boundaries transgressed.
I like to think I am a stronger person,
For I completed my quest;
I, you did not ruin,
But not everyone is so blessed.

What of the others?
It is for them, that we fight.
They truly deserve the answers;
The ones, once bright.
Some of you are killers,
Forcing them to endless fright,
Now only remembered by their grievers
And the ones who share in their plight.

So ready your weapons;
This is a formal declaration for battle.
Be ready to pay for your actions;
Karma has come full circle.
I release the suffering from their dungeons;
The ensnarement of evil.
It is time to return the poisons;
To those who were so hateful.

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