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Life ebbs and flows like the tide; It comes in and it goes back out. Sometimes you can see the rocks And all the creatures beneath the surface. But other times,
I will remember these nights like the tide remembers to kiss the shoreline--
Time passes us by the tide sweeps the sand aside one grain lost in the sands of time just a passing memory in people's minds what we are....lost in where we are. 
Overlooking the ripples from a pier far above,  I hear a distant roar of the waves that I love. The sound hits my ears like a baseball hits the glove.  
  It feels like I'm drowning in an endless sea of sadness The pain sears right through my lungs  As the air leaves my body I feel the darkness come for me    
The night’s young but the tide is high The black skies that petrify Lying on the shore I let the tide engulf me The ice cold embrace of the water drags me down Sinking like a stone I submit to the water’s grip
I watch her shimmer and dance from the shoreline While the sunset adorns her in gold she’s calling so sweetly, my Aquamarine For our friendship is many years old
Like the tides of time Foam clouds on emerald skies Softly kiss the sand
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