Life ebbs and flows like the tide;
It comes in and it goes back out.
Sometimes you can see the rocks
And all the creatures beneath the surface.
But other times,
It’s a smooth, opaque sheet of glass,
Waiting for someone with a hammer
To come smash it into shards.
Life moves at its one pace.
It can move along too fast
Or it can scrape and screech along,
In the manner of scrap metal
Being dragged across a blackboard.
Only a lucky few have life just right;
Down to a science.
But that’s called existing
And is that really living?
That’s a multi-faceted question;
See it from all perspectives,
As Life would.
Life cares for the whole picture,
All the strokes of the paintbrush
That make it what it is.
Life is stubborn.
It is persistent.
It will not give up on you,
Even when you give up on yourself.
Life pushes you out of your comfort zone,
Into the real world where everything has effect;
Where everything makes a change;
Where you matter.
Life is what you can make of it,
So make it good. 


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