Time and Tide


Time passes us by 
the tide sweeps the sand aside 
one grain lost in the sands of time 
just a passing memory in people's minds 
what we are....lost in where we are. 
who we are is what we try to find. 

and Life passes us by 
the moon pulls and the tide abides 
hands on the clock tick tock 
the universal waters weather down the rock. 
and we try to hold, grasping on to what we got 
but like sand in our fingers, the grains slip 
the wood beneath out feet begins to rot 

Our worlds crumble  


Our feet stumble 


Our words mumble 


Our luck tumbles 


I can feel my heart swelter 

mental fog, confusion, helter-skelter 

Crawling chills chest exploding 

my entire world imploding 

and life passes us by 
but like the tide on the beach of life 
the shimmering blues and golden hues 

Those universal waters will take away 
and bring in the new  

Time and tide will take away 




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