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Rusted chains cling to their hearts,  Darkness consumes them -- Children of Darkness?  Or are they Children born in Darkness?--   They cannot hear faith told,  For their ears are bound. 
America, America Home of the free Where the justice bell rings peacfully Parents tell children of the birds and the bees Yet there are others who've never heard such a thing   Garbage litters the dusty roads
Only the age of twelve Was she When sold into the commerce of Sex slavery   Misfortune and injustice are All she’s ever known Her purity, untimely taken away Her own body overthrown
She walked in the street, she did not know; It wasn't safe The man stole her, Sold her, For an unforgivable price. Now,  She lives in fear,      for her,      her family,
Free. Safe.I compain aboutWorking 5:00amShifts before aTwelve-hour dayAt school.Enslaved.Raped.You'd killTo drive far away,In the dingy 1994 Honda Accord
Speak out! The voice of mutes made by cries that fall on deaf ears. The sounds of silence ringing on telephones of imagination and hopeful expectation. Filled with dignity, Clothed in shame.
Tears and Blood Shed in the night She is cold, And she’s alone. For why she cries, So many have died And she fears the fate For her own. He hits her, When she’s crying.
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