Fighting Reality


America, America Home of the free

Where the justice bell rings peacfully

Parents tell children of the birds and the bees

Yet there are others who've never heard such a thing


Garbage litters the dusty roads

Lights flash continuously in ominous bode

Men are ushered into silent rooms

Children's toys and bangles against the entrance loom


Covert money exchanges hands

Without  a single person to take a stand

Girls are sold into an illegal trade

All sense of trust absolutely betrayed


They try to rebel and are met with punishment

Praying that God will serve due judgment

Weeks on end they are forced to serve

Anticipating the men will get what they deserve


One day hope comes knocking at the door

These girls are no longer considered whores

Heroes take them away from their hell

Their business has once and for all been quelled


Confidence is now restored

New worlds can now be explored

The Unspoken finally are granted a voice

A future of their own choice


Some will flee, some will fight

Those saved will now act as knights

From the dirty cruel ashes they rise

Glimpse of determination in their eyes


For the weak, they pursue

Of the past, they grew

For the future, they push through

Of the strong, there are not few



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