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My Sayge you opened my mind  to find something new  within my heart  to find a spark of joy when I looked into your eyes
I committed a great crime this spring. I learned a lesson that I'll not soon forget. I learned never to fall in love again If I can help it. I think about your curls falling on me,
might someone remember us?  might, they remember you. eyes. evening. monolid. silver. nutmeg. the rain in your eyes. and how euphrosyne envies your titter.  
after Marina and the Diamonds  
there was a sun, there was a moon, each who ruled her hours sun, she satupon the clouds, moon, among the stars.  "there is no light i can make",said the moon to her love.the sun shone bright,and nowat night,you can see her up above. halfway across
My heart strings are reminiscent of black coffee and honey bees But paradise masks the past Salty foreign breezes knock me down Then build me a home out of sand and sativa
Mom, I’m gay I’ll talk to you later. I’m sorry (but not really), I’m in love with a girl. She is stunning, My heart is full.  
I've seen many sunsets and sunrises. All unique and truly breathtaking. Each one was a blessing to my eyes.
Emotionless words Syllables and thirds The poet never hurt The reader never heard The world still turned The world still burned. Dearest Camilla I will take my leave If three days go by
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